How to Upgrade your MySQL database tables to match ours

As an evolving project, total-isp often adds or extends various parts of our database specification in order to accomodate new features. This can lead to new updates of the software not working with your current database, which is not something that an ISP can afford to have happen. We have prepared this document to help you update your database quickly and smoothly.

First, grab mysqldiff by Adam Spiers. It's home page is at

Then, run it like this:

./mysqldiff -u mysql_username -p mysql_password total-isp-dbspec.sql mysql_database_name  > dbpatch.sql
Then inspect dbpatch.sql to make sure that it doesn't have anything stupid in it like "DROP Payments" and run:
mysql -u mysql_username -p mysql_password mysql_database_name < dbpatch.sql

Your database will now be up to date with the current specification, and should have all of it's existing data intact. You did back it up first, right? :)

Delete or archive dbpatch.sql so that you don't accidently use it in the future.